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Workplace stress

What is workplace stress, and how does it affect us?

For Sigmund Freud, work (along with love) was 'one of the cornerstones of our humanness'. As Freud knew, work can contribute to our sense of identity and self-worth, and provide a space for creative expression.

At the same time, work is demanding, and when the demands made are unreasonable or unmanageable, stress and sickness can result. Many employees struggle with issues such as bullying, unmanageable workloads, and low self-confidence. Employers and managers often have to confront dissatisfaction among employees or conflicts within teams that seem insoluble.

At Face to Face Therapia we know how debilitating it is to feel unhappy in your job. Unsurprisingly, workplace stress can also lead to conditions such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. If you're unhappy at work, and struggling to cope, please get in touch. We can talk through the issue and get you the right help.

What kind of work-place issues can we help employees with?

  • anxiety about performance
  • adjusting to a new working culture
  • assertiveness problems
  • relationship issues, clashes with colleagues or bosses
  • feelings of panic and anxiety
  • fear of failure
  • experiences of bullying or abuse

    What kind of workplace issues can we help employers and managers with?
  • poor team dynamics
  • employee dissatisfaction
  • having tough conversations
  • dealing with 'difficult' colleagues
  • responding constructively to employee distress
  • assertiveness problems
  • experiences of bullying or abuse
  • fear of failure

    How do we treat workplace stress?

    The problems we face at work are often tied into issues we struggle with internally. Sometimes, these are emotional difficulties we may not have fully acknowledged or explored, which can lead to us repeating the same mistakes. A course of one to one therapy can be transformative. Most clients emerge with a far greater awareness of themselves, their behaviour patterns and most importantly, the confidence to change them if necessary.

    We also offer corporate health programmes. These include one-to-one or group sessions for team members who may be experiencing difficulties, one-to-one or group sessions for expat workers in English or German, and Stress Prevention Seminars. We also provide targeted help for executive managers.

    Whatever your difficulty, and whatever your role at work, we will tailor treatment to you. To find out more, or to book an appointment, please contact us.

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