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Child, teen and family issues

What sort of emotional issues do children and teenagers struggle with?

Fear, anger, joy, grief, sadness...children are no different from adults in terms of their ability to experience a range of powerful, sometimes difficult, emotions. Unlike adults, however, children are still developing, physically and emotionally. A huge part of growing up is learning to identify and ultimately, manage these feelings.

This process isn't always easy, either for children or parents. Many children feel an unconscious frustration at being unable to adequately understand and express their emotions. They may show them in tantrums, crying fits or aggressive behaviour. They may have symptoms such as bed-wetting and insomnia. Puberty brings new and unfamiliar feelings, physical changes, and with it, new challenges.

Does my child or teenager need help?

Turbulent emotions - and sometimes, turbulent behaviour - are part of growing up. In most cases, children need nothing more than the help and guidance of supportive adults. Sometimes, however, young people have problems that affect not just their own well-being but that of parents, siblings and the family as a whole.

If your child is experiencing persistent difficulties, and nothing seems to be working, please get in touch. We can talk through the problem and get them the right help.

What sort of child or teen issues can we help with?
Every child struggles with different things. Below, however, are some common issues we help children and young people with at our centre.

  • violent rages; inconsolable crying fits
  • aggression and violence towards others
  • throwing objects, destroying property
  • a fear or 'phobia' of school
  • generalised anxiety; irritability
  • fear of sleeping alone, avoiding bedtime
  • separation anxiety
  • insomnia
  • unresolved grief following bereavement
  • substance addiction
  • exam anxiety; poor performance
  • low moods; depression

    How do we treat these problems?

    We have a lot of experience helping children and adolescents. If a child or young person needs individual help, we would recommend a course of child or teen therapy. We also offer advice to parents on new ways of engaging with their child, and responding to difficulties. A slightly different parental approach often leads to dramatic improvements. For families in crisis, we also offer family therapy .

    To find out more, or to book an appointment, please contact us.

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