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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion we all experience and is generally triggered by uncertainty. We may feel anxious about starting a new job, giving a speech, or going on a first date. Though not always pleasant, anxiety can be useful. It may inspire us to prepare thoroughly for an exam, for example, and achieve the result we need.   

For many, however, anxiety can be crippling. Some people feel anxious nearly all the time. They worry constantly about different things and almost any situation in which they are unsure of the outcome. Living with this ever-present sense of 'threat' can be exhausting, and frightening. Many people come to fear anxiety itself. Fear becomes their enemy, and life a debilitating battle to try and dispel it.

At Face to Face Therapia we know how draining severe anxiety can be. Unsurprisingly, it can also lead to other problems such as depression. Luckily, anxiety is treatable. If you are suffering from anxiety, and struggling to cope, please contact us. We can talk through your symptoms and get you the right help.  

Am I suffering from anxiety?

Anxiety can take many forms, with symptoms ranging from a general sense of unease to feelings of dread, panic attacks and phobias. Below are some very common symptoms of anxiety. 

  • worrying almost constantly about different things
  • tiredness, headaches
  • feeling on edge all the time
  • shortness of breath, having a 'racing heart'
  • always predicting and fearing negative outcomes
  • difficulties concentrating
  • feelings of panic or terror
  • feeling 'out of control'
  • feelings of rage and frustration
  • insomnia

    How do we treat anxiety?

    When we worry a lot, it is often because we are 'stuck' in very negative ways of thinking about ourselves and the world. One to one therapy can help you explore the reasons for self-destructive thoughts, and ultimately, liberate you from them. A technique called EMDR can also be very effective in alleviating - and even eliminating - the symptoms of chronic anxiety. Your counsellor may also draw on techniques such as mindfulness if they feel they will be helpful for you.

    We're all different. Some people are suited to a single approach, others benefit from a combination of therapies. If you came to our centre we would discuss your difficulties and together, decide on the approach that's best for you.

    To book an appointment with us, or for more information, please get in touch.

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