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Sex therapy

What is Sex therapy?

Sex therapy, also known as psychosexual therapy, is for couples experiencing sexual difficulties in their relationship. Sexual problems may be experienced by one or both partners but they undermine the whole relationship. No one is ever to blame for a sexual problem. This is why partners come to sex therapy sessions together.

The first job of a sex therapist is to help you feel comfortable talking about your difficulties. Together with your therapist, you'll then start to explore the reasons behind them, and work towards a solution. Sexual problems often have emotional causes. There may have been a loss of intimacy between you, or an unspoken conflict that needs airing. One partner may be very stressed.

All these things will harm your sex life. This is why, in sex therapy, we'll encourage you to talk about yourselves, each other, and the relationship in general, so we can build a picture of everything that's going on between you. The aim is to bring issues out into the open so that they're no longer suffocating your relationship.

Your therapist will also give you homework to do together, based on the problems you've been having. The homework will be about experimenting, supporting each other, and learning through experience. Lots of couples tell us these homework assignments help them feel very close again. Anxiety levels drop, and as a result, sexual problems start to disappear.

We also offer individual treatment programmes for distressing conditions such as vaginismus in women and premature ejaculation in men.

Do I need Sex therapy? How long will it take?

We'd recommend sex therapy if a problem is persisting, and/or highly distressing for one or both partners. We work intensively, and many couples start to see dramatic improvements within six sessions. If couples stay with us for longer, it's usually because there are underlying issues in the relationship that need more working through. Some sexual problems are caused by physical rather than psychological issues. It's always worth ruling these out with your doctor before seeking therapy.

What issues can Sex therapy help with?

Sex therapy can improve and eradicate numerous problems including:

  • sexual difficulties following trauma or abuse
  • premature ejaculation
  • delayed ejaculation
  • pain during penetration; vaginismus
  • shyness about sex; an inability to relax during intercourse
  • problems reaching orgasm
  • performance anxiety
  • differing sexual desires that are causing conflict
  • loss of sexual confidence following childbirth
  • loss of desire

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