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Child, teen & family therapy

What happens in child therapy, teen therapy and family therapy?

It's very common for children and young people to experience emotional difficulties at some point in their lives. In many cases these difficulties are resolved with the help of supportive parents, siblings, teachers and friends. Sometimes, however, children, and their families, need extra help.

Child therapy is suitable for children aged between 5 and 12. It can help with a range of problems including fear, anxiety, emotional trauma, bereavement, and behavioural difficulties.

Young children respond very well to techniques such as play therapy and art therapy. By observing a child at play, a trained psychotherapist can learn a lot about how that child feels about themselves, their relationships, and the world around them. This can help pinpoint underlying problems that children are so often unable to put into words. We also use role-play to help children with behavioural problems find new ways of expressing themselves, and interacting with others.

Teen therapy is aimed at young people aged between 13 and 17. It can help with difficulties including conflict with parents, generalised anxiety, exam anxiety, anger management, depression and addiction. Many young people respond well to counselling which integrates both psychotherapy and techniques such as mindfulness. The first helps them become more aware of themselves and their difficulties, the second gives them a practical tool to call on in times of distress.

Issues such as separation, divorce, alcohol or drug addiction, and child and adolescent behavioural problems can disrupt an entire family. This is why, in family therapy, the whole family comes to therapy together. With the help of their counsellor, issues are discussed and everyone is able to have their say.

A family therapist will also be looking closely at the way the family functions, and the individual relationships within it. This will help them spot any triggers for hurtful or destructive behaviour. Homework is a big part of family therapy. As a family you'll usually be encouraged to make small changes over time. We'd recommend having family therapy either once or twice monthly.

Does my child need therapy? How long will it take?

We would recommend child or adolescent therapy for young people whose problems are upsetting and persistent, especially if, as a parent, you are starting to feel powerless to help. The number of counselling sessions needed will depend on the needs of the child and the nature of their difficulty. Many issues, once understood, can be resolved quite swiftly. Other problems take longer to resolve. Parental support is essential when it comes to helping children and teenagers, and ensuring the success of therapy. We offer help and advice to parents throughout.

Would you like to know more? We are very happy to discuss any of our therapies in more detail. For more information, or to book a child therapy, adolescent therapy or family therapy session please contact us.

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